Don't take it from us! Here is what some of our clients have to say

Jeff H.

Experience: Surprise birthday celebration for wife Grace

ForeverFling made possible all the things I wanted to do for Grace, but never have the time for - all the ways I want to pamper her, surprise her, offer new experiences for her.
Picnic: With two kids, you made the picnic in the park an actual relaxed and enjoyable experience. The quantity of food and the variety of items - sweet and savory - was so spot on!
Museum: You helped me figure out how to get to the Museum (driving option!) so I could decide on what was best - that was above and beyond!
You helped push our timed entry back when we ran late - amazing - again, above and beyond!
Dinner: Dinner was FANTASTIC - best meal out we've had in 8 months!

Melissa and Dan W.

Experience: At-home date night

We loved our experience! We liked that it was a bit of a surprise what we were going to do. The idea of getting a gift in the mail and tying it together with the experience was really nice.
ForeverFling offered date options to us that we would’ve not been able to come up on our own. Even the idea of doing something online at home never crossed our mind.
ForeverFling helped us commit to our date. Typically we will procrastinate and move to the bottom of the list any activities that are not essential. Having someone guide us through the process and telling us - “OK, here is the ideas, which one do you want to do?” and then following-up with us to schedule it and keeping us accountable was really helpful.

Yael and Nick J

Experience: Purple Rain – the live drive-in show

Our experience was so special and out of the ordinary, we had such a great time! Everything felt so personalized!
We would’ve not found this Broadway in the park event on our own, and I didn’t even realize that you could get to the park by ferry until ForeverFling recommended this option to us with specific instructions. We loved the picnic basket delivered to the park for us, it was such a nice surprise, and the wine was perfect. The quiz to check how well we paid attention to the show was really thoughtful. Thank you!

Alina L. and Scott

Experience: Private wine tasting

Forever Fling invited us to a wine tasting event on their private roof with the sommelier from Nomad. We learned so much about the delicious wines! Then, we stayed after and played couples games spontaneously with some of our friends, which made my boyfriend and I feel pretty excited when we won, although we are a pretty new couple. That whole Sunday afternoon was pretty memorable because we were in the hands of such welcoming, fun, and well rounded hosts. Forever grateful that we can always count on Ira to send extremely detailed itineraries that give us that feeling, ahhh, that’s why we live in New York City!
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