Curated Date Experiences for Couples
We help busy NYC/NJ couples take the hassle out of their date planning by doing it for them!
Unique Date Experiences for Couples
We help busy NYC couples take the hassle out of their date planning by doing it for them!
We bring novelty
We steer you away from routine by selecting unique, out-of-the-box date experiences, vetted by our expert planners.
We plan it all
We make your experience memorable and easy by planning all of it for you - from concept creation to flawless execution of every detail.
We foster your commitment to each other
We get you to schedule your date, keep it and actually enjoy it – all hassle free!
Our Services
We will bring date night back into your lives by scheduling a standing date
for the two of you based on your preferences, budget and desired frequency. Your dates will be seamless, unique and fun....but never boring!
Anniversary, proposal, birthday or just because? We will help you surprise your partner on your special day by planning an unforgettable experience.
Your partner will feel spoiled and appreciated!
We will suggest fun and fresh date ideas for your group. We will also manage everyone's schedules, babysitting needs, dietary restrictions and every aspect of coordination between multiple parties. Getting together with your favorite couples has never been easier!
How It Works
Share preferences
Tell us about your preferences by completing a short (<1min), no hassle questionnaire
Receive date options
Give us 24hrs to create 3 personalized date itineraries for you
Make a selection
Tell us which option you prefer and how we can modify it to make the date more special
Enjoy your date
Let us take care of all the planning details. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!
Our Pricing
We offer variety of packages to fit your budget needs
(all categories are inclusive of experience costs, our planning fees and customized add-ons)
Simply Fun ($200)
Unique ($400)
Chic ($600)
Truly Posh ($800)
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