This box includes:

"Love Red" Wine
Nothing screams Valentine's Day like a red. You will fall in love with this Californian Love Red from Broc Cellars, which is the perfect wine to sip on your Valentine's Day date.

Copper Stemless Wine Glasses for Two
These stylish, novel looking wine glasses will make your Valentine's Day a bit more unique. Cheers!

"Our Moments" Card Game for Couples
These fun conversation cards contain100 thought provoking questions that will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place.

Sweater Fleece Throw Blanket
This 50" x 60" soft and light throw blanket will keep you both nice and cozy on your Valentine's Day in.

Peel-off Masks for Two
Peel-off masks are so much fun and easy to use - they don't drip and you can just peel them right off. Try out these funky colors (metallic blue and holographic lavender) on each other this Valentine's Day!

"You Complete Me" Heart Jigsaw Puzzle
This Valentine's Day take turns writing a special message on this heart-shaped puzzle and solving it to discover what each of you wrote.

XOXO and LOVE Chocolate Bars
This pack of two Moodibars is a fantastic way to bring some humor to your Valentine's Day.

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